Fluidi was founded three decades ago with the main intention to provide quality products and it is currently considered as the main and the largest company in Kosovo and the region offering natural, soft and carbonated drinks with international license.The production of high quality and tasty drinks is a priority in our company.

Therefore, we endeavor to create more value for the customers of our products. As a result, we apply the highest quality standards in every step of the production process and apply a continuous quality monitoring system conducted by local and foreign specialists. The serious investment in the past years in the production lines, laboratories, human resources and the company in general has been rewarded with two international licenses for applying best production practices; ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP.Furthermore, HACCP and ISO 22000:2005 prove that Fluidi applies a management system by which it ensures that the safety of drinks, the production process, the final product, and the customer expectations are at the appropriate level.

This is proven by the expansion and the presence of Fluidi in Switzerland, Macedonia and Albania, and it is lately entering the market in England as well, and this is a boosting force not to stop with the production of Fluidi drinks, but to reach long-term objectives in offering our products to many other foreign markets.

Due to the lack of local products and a very high level of imports in the Kosovar market in that period, the founders of Fluidi took the initiative to enrich the Kosovar market with the first local production of drinks.Founded in 1994, Fluidi was initially positioned in the market with the production of carbonated drinks of the brand named “Extra Lëngje”, with an initial capacity of 5000 liters per hour, and a diversity of tastes.

This initiative was considered a pleasant innovation for the customers and Fluidi products were very quickly made inseparable part of Kosovar customer tables. The fast reception of these products and the increase in the demand, influenced further motivation for work, expansion and innovation of Fluidi team which were continually and with a great intensity committed to fulfil the demands of their already loyal customers.


Founded in 1994, our mission is to provide new brands and tastes with incomparable integrity, sincerity, European technology and quality. Our mission relies on four values:
  • To provide high quality based on best international practices;
  • To keep our loyal customers satisfied;
  • To keep our team motivated, innovative and committed;
  • To create values and promote local products.
Our mission is to make continuous attempts so that our customers find freshness, taste, pleasure, strength, energy and health in our drinks.


Our vision is to be recognized as a leading company in the region through quality, variety, and taste which is characterized with loyal customers. Our vision is a guideline that directs us what to do. Therefore;
  • Our main focus is to have a satisfied customer;
  • Our investments are customer oriented, providing them quality, variety and special care;
  • We hold the responsibility to maintain and check the product quality by national and international experts.
  • Our goal is for our contribution to be important in the markets where our products enter.
  • We believed and still continue to believe that we are the ones who will bring changes to Kosovo, to produce quality products for our clients and this fact will not change.
We place trust, love and quality in the entire process, and believe in the strong cooperation with our clients who inspire and motivate us to continue our work with high dedication and responsibility.