fluidi company


September, 1994

Established with the main goal of providing quality products, FLUIDI is rated as the largest company in Kosovo and in the Balkans for the production of natural and carbonated drinks with international license.FLUIDI Company priority, which is marking a decade in the market, remains high customer care. FLUIDI made the first steps by launching carbonated drinks of “EXTRA Lëngje” brand in the market. With the variety of flavors, the initial capacity was 5000 liters per hour. Testimonials of the customers and the space it occupied at their tables prompted FLUIDI to use it as a motive to expand its capacity and invest more in quality. As a result, in 1997, FLUIDI launched the production line of non-carbonated juices in aluminum foil of 0.2l, as well as the technology for the production of plastic packaging.

But investment did not stop there!

In 2003, FLUIDI launched the newest product in the market, dense juices in 0.2l glass bottles, making the “Jaffa Champion” brand to expand in the Balkan market. This step allowed the development to continue year after year. The next investment brought a world-renowned brand in Kosovo and the Balkans.
In 2004, the latest technology and the license of the US company, Royal Crown Cola International was brought, grabbing the attention of Kosovans and the southeast European region – the taste of RC Cola. Since the start, the opening of this production giant gained great attention.

FLUIDI had thus acquired the right to distribute in three countries in the region: Albania, Macedonia and Serbia. This enabled RC Cola to gain easier reach in these markets and beyond.Consumer confidence prompted FLUIDI to bring the first product that was not in the beverage sector, however a consumption product. On 9 November 2017, the first oil refinery in Kosovo, Floil, was inaugurated. This refinery once again has proven that it meets high standards of quality through the use of cutting edge global technology “Andreotti” as of 2016.This product quickly became part of traditional and modern culinary in our country, and had rapid expansion in the region.Its quality is proven by the fact that Floil became part of the markets with the highest quality standards. Stretching in over 12 European countries, Floil is part of markets such as England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and other countries. Testimony that quality is the top priority Serious investment since establishment in production lines, laboratories, human resources and the company is generally rewarded with two international licenses for applying best manufacturing practices; ISO 22000: 2005 and HACCP. In 2013, FLUIDI received the award as the top exporter in the country. In 2014 awarded the IFC prize. In 2015 – Global Food Safety Standard Certificate.

In 2018 – Hallall Certificate.These are just some of the prizes that FLUID received, besides customer ratings. With 4 internationally recognized brands and over 200 skilled workers, FLUIDI continues thet radition of success!


Since its establishment, FLUIDI’s Mission is to provide high quality based on best international  practices and at the same time in bringing new brands and tastes, keeping our loyal customer satisfied. Without overlooking our team and trying to keep our staff motivated towards common successes.

We invest care and love in the whole process and we believe in deep cooperation with our customers who inspire and motivate us to continue working with high dedication and responsibility.


Our vision is to have our products consumed internationally believing that we are the ones making changes in the local economy, but also continue to contribute in the sustainability and improvement of the social, health and environmental conditions. Believing that we are doing our best to strengthen our business spirit in favor of the community we operate.

Red Rain energy drink is designed to reduce mental and physical fatigue. Enhances mental alertness, speed of response and endurance with caffeine concentration.

Red Rain stimulates metabolism, improves emotional state, promotes freshness and energizes. Red Rain is found in 4 types of packaging: bottles of 1.5l , 0.5l, 0.33l and 250ml cans.

Original American non-alcoholic beverage.

RC Cola is a drink with over a century of tradition. Created with a fantastic flavor in 1905, it managed to stay loyal to high quality consumers even after so many years.

In 2004, FLUIDI brought the license and the original flavor of this carbonated drink to southeastern Europe.

Favorite drink of all generations and all seasons. This refreshment may be found in plastic packaging of 2l, 1.5l and 0.5l, as well as in aluminum cans of 0.33l.

Jaffa Champion offers a wide range of soft drinks with 100% fruit concentration.

Bio and fresh products with many flavors such as: multivitamins, oranges, apples, cherries, strawberries, ice tea, etc.

Jaffa is the most well-known and best-selling brand in the local and international market.

Jaffa brand is found in a number of packaging: plastic packaging in 2l, 1.5l, 250ml and 0.5l, glass bottles 200ml, aluminum bags 0.2l, 330ml cans, 2l paper packs.

Floil refinery is the first refinery for the production of cooking oil in Kosovo!

After two decades of experience in processing refreshing beverages, FLUIDI expanded its production range with yet another product – the sole local cooking oil – Floil.

Characteristics of Floil oil: Cholesterol-free; 100% refined; Smell-free while cooking;  With E and K vitamin;.

Floil’s quality has been validated by Italian experts, the quality of this oil meets the International Food Standard (IFS).

Taste over two decades and a half.

Since 1994, the Albanian market is well acquainted with the tastes of the well-known Fluidi brand.

The Fluidi company, a brand with which we began the successful journey of production and distribution.

But even after 25 years of longevity, the Fluidi brand continues in retaining its composition since 1994.

The quality, the high standard of production have made this brand a part of international markets.

Double Force, is the first energy drink produced by Fluidi, with an energy formula concealed within the composition. Produced for over a decade, destined to meet local and regional requirements, Double Force contains caffeine and taurine. Double Force reduces physical and mental fatigue, this energy drink raises vigilance, rapid response and endurance.

Internationally known brand with a wide range of soft drinks with 100% concentration of bio and fresh fruits such as: multivitamin, oranges, strawberries, lemons, cherries etc.

Ciao is avaiable in the market with literary packs of 2l, 1l, 0.25 and 0.2l