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The owner of Floil cooking oil: After the imposition of the tax, production and employment has increased

Since the imposition of 100 percent tax on products imported from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the local company “Fluidi” has increased the oil production and the the number of employees as well.

So, it has been announced after the visit that the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj has made to the Floil cooking oil and beverages Company in Gjilan.

Fejzullah Mustafa,the owner of this company, said that the imposed tax has contributed in the increase of oil production by over 100 percent. He also said that a tax should have been imposed earlier for products coming from the Serbian state.

“The tax as a tax had an impact and produced its effects, that is why I think it should have been implemented earlier. During this time
since the tax got introduced and implemented we have an increase in production, especially in Floil’oil we have seen an hundred percent increase, maybe over 100 percent increase. So, I think that this tax has a positively impact on our consumers, the people of Kosovo have realized and are aware that domestic products should be consumed. If domestic products are consumed, what and who gains here, it is the state of Kosovo that gains, the Kosovo’s economy will get developed” – Mustafa said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Haradinaj has called on Kosovo citizens to consume the products of this company, saying that besides that they are good they are also of our country.