Jaffa Champion – the taste of the world trend

The positive properties of liquids in the human body are the topic of discussion in our daily life. Given this fact, in 2003, the “Fluidi” company began expanding the products by bringing to consumers the taste of “Jaffa Champion”.

In course of our 13 years journey, “Jaffa” remained a companion of Kosovan tables, offering the required taste and quality. Mos societies prefer to consume different tastes brought straight from the tree – right into our homes.

Orange juice, nectarine, lemon, carrots, red oranges, blueberries, green apples and mountain fruits are just some of the special flavors of “Jaffa Champion”.

A variety of quality tastes and rich in vitamins are essential for any one of us. For children, a “Jaffa” juice is needed for healthy growth; for an adult it is needed for the benefit of energy; and for everyone else it is needed for an excellent taste.

The Fluidi company continues to bring to us special and variety of products, never disappointing us – neither in taste nor in quality.